Wednesday, January 26, 2011

126 yuan and getting closer

The other morning I went downstairs to scan a map and print it out.  Only problem was my dad was at computer looking at tennis matches or finances or something. He started talking...and in general I don't just interrupt and change the subject...but really I wanted to not hear him talk.  So I shared with him that I was researching Nánchāng and seriously considering it.  I mentioned I saw flights from Nánchāng to Shànghǎi for what would be around $40.  I knew what would happen next.  He pulled up (a Chinese airfare website) and started plugging in destinations and asking questions with his trademark investigative journalist tone.  This was almost worse than listening to him talk about whatever he talking about before and I began to question ever opening my mouth.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I went with along with Andrew to Dallas to run an errand.  After waiting in the office for a while I went outside to take medicine for a blooming headache.  out in the car I picked up one of my books about living in China and started browsing it.  It begins...

"Is China right for you?" was the first sentence of the book's introduction.  I mentioned in of my first entries how I know many things will be hard for me.  According to what I've read about people who will enjoy or adapt to living in China, I am the perfect candidate to not go.  I don't mind people staring much; that happens a lot here with my long hair and rebel-look.  But, "you'll have a rough time have high standards for cleanliness and service"...I really like cleanliness, I would even say if it could be, it would be a hobby of mine.  As much as I try to be laid back (and have even become more laid back over the past few years), poor customer service is irritating.  There have been times I have ended up walking behind the counters at restaurants because I got tired of waiting for refills.  Also, some people call me patient...but others don't, if you know what I means.  Oh yeah, personal space is always a hobby of mine....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nánchāng, Jīanxī

The more I read about Nánchāng, the cooler it sounds.  Travel proximity.  Lakes and rivers so I can find somewhere to look at dragonflies.  Climate.

I will revise this later tomorrow with more info.  Look it up and let me know what you think about it!

See entry on dialectal struggles.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

hot pot experience

Last night Shawna and I went over to her grandparent's house for his 83rd birthday.  Admission:  I didn't actually know the gathering was for his birthday, I just went to hang out and try hot pot.  Hot pot is a type of cooking where you have a pot full of simmering water (or stock) in front of you and everybody just drops in the foods they want to cook--veggies, herbs, thinly-sliced meats, seafoods, etc.  The food then cooks in the hot pot.  Pretty straightforward naming system.  After the food is cooked, you take out whatever you threw in the pot and put it or dip it in a bowl with sauces you can mix up to make it spicy or salty.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

location conundrum

Goal being to move to China...and move to implying a destination, it is becoming more apparent that I am going to have to choose a destination to move to.  Before I started researching I didn't really know this trivial fact, but...China is a large country...the third-largest country in the world according to some.  The United States of America falls either slightly behind or ahead of China in terms of area (depending on whether territorial waters and disputed land between India and China is included).

Friday, January 14, 2011

will to focus

I have been struggling to focus on projects for a long time now.  Photography, music, writing.  I sit down and get started only to get sidetracked and have more than a dozen tabs open in two different browsers.

I have wanted to publish a book of my writings and photographs for years now.
I have wanted to record certain pieces of music for years now.

Previously I thought I was not accomplishing these goals because I didn't have the know-how or equipment.  Now, I basically have both or the means to acquire both but still I haven't seemed able to finish even a small book or one song.  Part of the issue is a perfectionist attitude toward the work.  Part has been because of troubles focusing and seeing a task through.  Some things just seem to be so big and encompassing that I have no idea where I to start and I get frustrated before I even begin.  I know, this is a horrible attitude.