Sunday, January 22, 2012

tiny reflections

Here is an interesting article about a young man's time teaching in China:  It's funny how similar I feel to many of the things he said.

I feel some relief to see certain similar opinions, possibly making me feel like less of an asshole.  I also just finished reading a book titled The Chinese Mind, which my mother recommended.  Personally I didn't like the book and thought it was somewhat chaotically organized, repetitive and unnecessarily oversimplified...specifically concerning American culture compared to Chinese culture. This book did however, make me feel like I should try to be more understanding of certain Chinese behavior patterns.  And, I am still practicing and wanting to understand some things that don't make sense to me, though they seem fundamentally disgusting.  Clearly I've got more work to do....  And to be equally harsh, part of the reason I wanted to leave America in the first place was because I feel many attitudes and behaviors here are fundamentally disgusting.  I will work on becoming more and more open-minded and accepting.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the article on middlekingdomlife.  I try not to think too much about what has passed, but I sometimes find myself wishing I was more tolerant and accepting of my situation in China, and that some things beyond my control that influenced me had never occurred.  I am thankful for my experience in China and I would like to visit and hang out in China again, probably not under circumstances of employment though.


  1. So where abouts are you again?? Are you going to see schengen? Are you happy?

  2. I was in Hangzhou, a bit south of Shanghai. I ended up coming back home , so I'm in Texas now; things are okay. I was happy but some stuff happened and it seemed it would be best for me if I came home. I'd like to go back though. I feel like I need to be somewhere else, not here...not in where I am now, possibly not in the US.

    How's Colorado??