potential cities

Some cities I've been checking out.  In alphabetical order, not order of preference.  Most info I've gotten has come from wikipedia, travel guides or the sites listed in the online resources section.

I linked to the wikipedia pages for now.  I will soon put cursory summaries of what I have found out about the cities.

Chóngqìng - 31.4 million (metropolitan area), is a municipality.  60/70 average low/high.
Guǎngzhōu - 7.8 million, capital of Guǎngdǒng province.  66/80 average low/high.
Hángzhōu - 8.1 million, capital of Zhèjīang province.  56/69 average low/high.  45 minutes to Shànghǎi on high-speed train.
Nánchāng - 4.8 million, capital of Jīangxī province.  58/80 average low/high.
Tiānjīn -
Wǔhàn - 
Xiàmén - 2.5 million, beautiful looking coastal city in Fújiàn province.
Zhèngzhōu - 7.3 million, capital of Hénán province.  49/68 average low/high.

Feel free to write any comments or thoughts 
you might have on these cities!!

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